Research Services

We have a small team of volunteers who will undertake research for members and non-members. The fees charged for this research help to support the Tasmanian Family History Society Inc. Launceston Branch.

The resources available to our research team include online, digital and printed material available in our Branch Library, LINC Tasmania (the Statewide Library Network) and the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office (TAHO.)

How to make a research request.

  1. Obtain a research request form (or forms) -- this can be done in one of several ways:
  2. Complete a Research Request Form for each individual you need to find out about.
  3. Return the form to us (by email, post or in person) along with an initial fee (see below) and a self-addressed envelope (if required -- see below.)
  4. Wait for the report to arrive. We will contact you if we need to spend more time than is covered by the initial fee.


Our preferred method of sending the completed report (and any accompanying documents) is by email. If you would prefer a hard copy report you MUST send us a stamped self-addressed A4 or larger sized envelope (allow enough postage for 8 - 10 A4 pages.)


You should send an initial fee that will cover at least 1 hour's research.

Tasmanian Family History Society Inc. - Members

$A20.00 per hour


$A25.00 per hour

There may be an extra charge for Photocopying and printing.
There WILL be a charge for postage if a SAE is not received.
All monies in Australian Dollars.


Last updated 26 November 2019